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GABCON is a construction company with a long history of utility installation, excavation, welding, land clearing, and building demolition, just to name a few of the things we do. The company and its employees deliver value-added service to each and every project in order to build lasting relationships with our clients. Integrity is the foundation of the relationship (of which) we build with each and every customer. Here at GABCON, PPE takes on a whole new meaning. Our daily focus is on the safety of company Personal, the protection and well-being of the Property of our client, and the protection of the Environment

GABCON pipe from the inside
GABCON welder welding pipe


Bay State Gas Company, Brockton, MA

Colony Gas Company, Yarmouth, MA

Connecticut Natural Gas Company, Hartford, CT

Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America, Des Moines, IA

Dartmouth Power Associates, Dartmouth, MA

Rochester Gas and Electric Company, Rochester, NY

Texas Eastern, Watkins Glen, NY

Yankee Gas Services Company, Rocky Hill, CT

GABCON welders working on pipe
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